"New GAME exposure" VivaGames military browser game "Iron Sky" Game features First look!

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"New GAME exposure" VivaGames military browser game "Iron Sky" Game features First look!

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:48 pm

Game Introduction
game: Iron Sky
Game type: War strategy
play on Facebook : https://apps.facebook.com/iron-sky
Play on official site:http://ironsky.vivagames.me/
Operations Team:ViVaGames
Test status: Close Beta
Test time:2017.11.17 - 2017.12.1
Game theme: Military
Game Technology: 2.5D
Game Brief: Iron Sky is a military sci-fi theme game based on player camp fighting. It’s a strategy game, the player will be in a number of dimensions of strategic confrontation, the need to rely on intellectual factors to win, time accumulation, pay accumulation can only bring a certain strength advantage, but the weaker players still have a way to win.

Game Features
1. Resources types in the game
Diamond: Game currency, available through recharge.
Metals: Conventional production of metal plants, construction and construction of classes and other materials required.
Crystal: Crystal Factory conventional output, upgrade military and research the required materials for the arm.
Heavy hydrogen: the need for troops to be consumed is equivalent to the fodder in other games.
Feats: Loot and other activities earned points, used to redeem new class drawings and rare props.
2. Troops Systems
Troops are battle units that can be deployed in formation and they are different in types, skills and stars. Players can enhance and modify troops or equip gear and deploy crew member on troops to improve battle power.

There are 3 types of troop: Spacecraft, Aircraft, and Mech.

Fraction: Different troops belong to 1 of the 3 fractions: Alliance, Empire and Atlantis.

Troops can be obtained from Troop Draw. Players who reach Lv.40 can draw troops of the best quality. Troop shards can be used to exchange for troops.
Players can build troops when they collected enough troop shards.use EXP Card to upgrade troops. collect troop shards to advance troops. When troop HP is low, players can choose Item Repair or Base Repair to restore troop HP. Base Repair takes a certain time while Item Repair fixes the troops instantly.
3.Faction War
Faction war is a server-wide event that’s available at set times every day. Participants are divided by Factions and everyone will set out from headquarters to occupy forts.

How to win: players from two Factions should occupy forts and improve Glories. The Faction with more Glories will be the winner.
Occupy forts: NPC defense troops are deployed in every forts. Players can defeat defense troops to occupy a fort and this fort will be protected for a short time. When protection time is over, the other Faction can launch attacks. There are some citadels in this territories and the Faction that occupied citadels can receive resource when the event ends.
Participation: players should go to headquarters to join event or repair troops. When you are attacking forts, you are not allowed to fly across this fort.
Rank rewards: players can kill enemies, purchase mercenaries and occupy forts to obtain Points. Rewards will be sent according to Points Rankings when the event ends.
4. Battle
Battle type: according to battle rounds, there are one-round battle and multiple-rounds battle. According to damages, there are normal battle and no-damage battle. In normal battles, defeated troops will be damaged and fly back to the base.
ATK rate determines troops’ action order. Troops will auto-release skill if energy are full but restore energy in different frequency. Advisor can also release skill at the start of the battle and restore energy in following rounds.Troops will normal attack front row enemies first but their skills may deal damage to rear targets or all targets.

Players can raid enemies’ troops or bases to loot resources. Players can scan a colony and choose targets to raid from the scanned list. Before players raid a target, they can check enemies’ resources and battle power.

Players can click a base and open Raid panel.players should defeat all defense troops one by one. Attacking side can retreat or continue after defeating a defense troop. If you retreat, you will loot a percentage of the resources from the defeated troops. If you continue but fail, your troops will be raided by the defense troops. Every time you defeat a troop, you have 60 seconds to prepare for the next battle, or you will be forced to retreat.
Scout: check defense troops’ battle power and formation.
Base defense: contains turrets and 3 troop mirrors. Each defense troop protect different percentage of resource. If 4 defense troops are defeated, all resource will be looted. Base holder can invite players in the same faction to assist. You can set maximum battle power for invitees. The invitees can generate a troop mirror with 70% BP to assist while the base holder can also generate a troop mirror of 50% BP.
Defense Management: change troops’ position, remove troops and repair troop mirrors.
Assistance request: players have certain free chances to ask for assistance every day. Assistance request will be announced in World Channel for other players to join.
Players have certain free chances to assist players in own faction every day. If the defense is successful, you will receive some resource.

Are you still regretting the untimely inability to become a hero in the troubled times? "Iron Sky" 11.17 close beta test, for you to show the future of the battlefield, to take you to become the battlefield overlord, which is really mastered in your hands in the future.

let's play Iron Sky game!
FACEBOOK app: https://apps.facebook.com/iron-sky
Official site: http://ironsky.vivagames.me/


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